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Executive and stewards

This is your 2021 – 2022 executive:


Acting President: Roberta Ciaraulo cupe798@me.com
Acting Secretary Treasurer: Sandra Long
Acting Vice President: Patricia Wilkinson qrdunitchair@gmail.com
Recording Secretary: Martha Higgins recsec798@gmail.com
Sergeant at Arms: Don Madden
Unit Chair Municipal: Sandra Long
Unit Chair Municipal: Vacant
Unit Chair Library: Mark Merlino


Unit Chair Regional District: Patricia Wilkinson qrdunitchair@gmail.com
Unit Chair Inclusion: Lisa Budgell
Unit Chair Inclusion: Fred Stutt

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Grievance Committee Chair – Roberta Ciaraulo

Education Committee Chair – Martha Higgins

Good and Welfare – Connie Sullivan

Health & Safety Committee Chair – Martha Higgins

Scholarship Committee Chair – Kelsey Powell